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Project Chiang Mai

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OCIP Chiang Mai is a newly established student-led programme that offers health screening services and health education in Phrao district in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In partnership with the Little Candles Methodist Church in Phrao, OCIP Chiang Mai seeks to address chronic diseases such as musculoskeletal issues, hypertension, and diabetes through medical consultations and patient education, with the long-term goal of helping those with chronic diseases adopt healthier lifestyle habits and manage their conditions in a sustainable manner.

From 13th to 20th July 2019, our team of 4 doctors, 2 physiotherapists, and 9 LKCMedicine students embarked on our first ever trip to Chiang Mai. First up was a centralised health screening at Na Meng Clinic, where students were tasked with screening for blood pressure, eyesight, random blood glucose, and urinary continence. Meanwhile, our dedicated medical team provided consultations with medications and offered physiotherapy to an estimated total of 150 villagers over the day-long event. It was heartening to see such a large crowd turn up early in the morning to patiently await their turn. Inspired by their enthusiasm, we worked rigorously through the day, sharing smiles with the many villagers whom we had the privilege of interacting with. The experiences during our medical home visits to Phrao and Mae Waen Noi were equally meaningful and eye-opening, where we encountered more severely immobilised members of the Phrao community who may not have been able to attend our centralised health screening. Despite their challenging conditions, these villagers warmly appreciated our contributions, leaving us ever more determined to return with renewed vigour next year.

Apart from our medical work, we conducted health education lessons at Enfu Boarding House for youths from broken families or underprivileged backgrounds. They were actively engaged with interactive games and creative props, learning about hand hygiene, good dietary habits, as well as recognising and dealing with depression. Our interactions with the young also extended to Little Candles Kindergarten, where we entertained the children with games and science demonstrations.

This trip would not have been possible without the generous support of Mr Daniel Loo and his team of student translators from Little Candles, whom we are immensely grateful for and excited to work with again for our subsequent trip next year. In addition, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our doctors and physiotherapists who took time off their busy schedules to contribute to our endeavours.

Find out more on Instagram @lkcmed.chiangmai.

Our Partners

Little Candles Methodist Church

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