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Alumni Association

LKC Alumni Association Executive Committee (AA Exco) was set up with the first batch of LKC graduates in 2018 with the main goal of representing and championing LKC Alumni. The AA Exco is dedicated in building the LKC alumni community as continues to grow. The LKC AA also hopes to preserve strong relations between the Alumni and LKC medicine as well as help to nurture the future batches of LKC alumni as they progress through their medical education in LKC.  

Initiatives and events that LKC AA have been involved in include:
(1) Mock MBBS and mock OSCEs
(2) CTSP workshop
(3) LKC Medicine welfare events
(4) M5-Alumni mentoring 
(5) SIG sharings
(6) LKC Medicine outreach events e.g. open house, tea sessions
(7) LKC admission MMI 
(8) Various adhoc clinical year teachings

With each year, LKC alumni continues to grow with many of our alumni entering a wide range of residency programs. 



Ken Chua Kai Yang (Class of 2019)

​Ken is currently a medical officer pursuing a residency in General Surgery. Previously the Fleming house rep and VP of MedSoc, he later joined the LKC Alumni Association and has been serving as President since 2020. Ken is actively involved in LKC teachings and has been a regular presence in various LKC outreach events.

Vice President

Koo Jian Hui (Class of 2020)

The LKC experience is like no other and gave me some of the best years of my life! I hope to continue supporting the school and my fellow alumni to build a closer knit community for years to come.


Vice President

Gong Haoran (Class of 2020)

Hello everyone! Anyone who knows me will know that I love to climb -- Rock climbing, mountain climbing, climbing into bed, climbing out of social reclusivity - you name it, I've done it.

Jokes aside, I'm from the 2020 batch LKC graduates and a SAF regular with the Singapore Navy. Happy to work with everyone one way or another!


Ian Koh Yi De (Class of 2022)

What makes LKC so special to me is the supportive culture across batches, and the opportunities offered beyond the curriculum. Having reaped the benefits, I hope I can give back to the school and my juniors as an alumnus!

Ian Koh.jpg


Sean Ng Ming Sheng (Class of 2022)

LKC has been an amazing journey and has given me so much to be thankful for. In addition to fostering closer ties amongst the LKC Alumni, I also hope to pay it forward to our juniors through supporting various events and teachings.

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