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Academic Committee

The Academic Committee aims to enable and empower learning for every student while nurturing a culture of community and peer-mentorship in our school.

Senior Junior Teaching

Multiple batch-wide teaching sessions are held each year where seniors will give tutorials to juniors, with the primary aim to clarify difficult concepts and highlight high-yield content to aid juniors in their exams. Seniors also get the chance to hone their teaching skills

What Is This Is?

WITI is an initiative where students will periodically set interesting and high-yield questions for their batchmates to practice on. Through WITI, we aim to help the whole batch revise key content and also expand their knowledge.


A student-led initiative where seniors organise mock OSCEs for their juniors. This programme helps students practice and familiarise themselves with the format and demands of the OSCEs, while also giving seniors an opportunity to teach. 

Conducted by the M3 batch, this aids the transition of M2 students into clinical years. This programme aims to impart useful skills and content knowledge that are instrumental to clinical year students, while also guiding and giving tips to help M2s know what to expect and how to make the most of their postings.

Mock OSCEs


Purple Pages

Mock OSCEs examiner training

Purple pages is a registry that matches each team of juniors to a few seniors who will hold tutorials and provide guidance. This aims to cultivate the spirit of teaching and promoting closer collaboration and networks between batches

 This is a series of workshops where students will learn how to write good cases for OSCEs, and how to properly evaluate and give feedback as mOSCEs examiners.

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