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  • [11/21] A Guide to Feedback Protocol by Faculty
    The Feedback team encourages students to visit the Student Voice portal under iHub in iLKC. Should you have ad-hoc feedback for the faculty, this would be the most direct portal to do so. The school has mentioned that all feedback directly through Student Voice will be addressed under "You Said...We Did". If you face any issues with this, please feel free to reach out to your Year Reps, or drop an email to As for feedback through the Academic surveys, the school has kindly shared their flow of feedback, and wants to reassure the students that their feedback will be accounted for. Nonurgent feedback concerning next year is usually addressed in the next AY, but if you feel that this feedback is pressing you may use the Student Voice portal or let your Year Reps know.
  • [11/21] (Updates) Late Attendance for CHERI Sessions
    Status: In Progress Last Update: 10 Nov 2021 While the school understands students may prefer for emails regarding late attendance to be sent earlier, Student Progress seeks everyone's understanding that time is required to process the large amount of data. Should students have mitigating circumstances regarding late attendance, students may email immediately and do not need to wait for email on late attendance to be sent.
  • [11/21] (Updates) Access to Lesson Recordings
    Status: Closed Last Update: 10 November 2021 Details: 10 Nov 2021 With regards to FCP Recordings Due to the limitations of Zoom, breakout rooms cannot be recorded. Students are encouraged to access their FCP recordings for in-person lessons to write their FCP reflections. 13 Oct 2021 With regards to TBL Recordings Due to privacy concerns regarding the content mentioned in TBL, recordings cannot be shared. The Deans feel that the TBL prep material is sufficient for our knowledge and the recordings are not necessary.
  • [11/21] (Updates) PDF vs VoPPT version of slides
    Status: Closed Last Update: 13 October 2021 Details: 10 Nov 2021 Due to the multiple types of PDFs needed, the school has decided to stick with PPTs for good. 13 Oct 2021 The school has decided to stick with VoPPTs for good, for the following reasons: 1. Links are often lost in PDFs. 2. When the school switched from VoPPTs to PDFs, they received many complaints regarding the formatting of the PDFs. Hence, to benefit the various format students use, the school has decided to uplaod VoPPTs so that students may format it to their preference. We seek your understanding regarding this matter. 14 Oct 2020 Previously, PDF versions of the lecture slides were included in the iLKC system. However, they have been removed in the new AY. This has caused inconvenience to students as they cannot airdrop PPT directly to their applications (eg. notability) in their iPad. Updates: Unfortunately, the system has been overloaded with too many items, so the school could only upload either PPT or PDF versions. After discussion with the students, it was decided that the PPT version was the most versatile and usable. PPT version allows students to edit on directly, and if needed, students can convert it themselves to PDF for use.
  • [10/21] (Updates) COVID-19: LOA, Examinations and HRW"
    Status: Closed Last Update: 13 October 2021 Details: 13 October 2021 1. What is a "COVID-LOA"? COVID-LOAs are forced LOAs incurred either directly or indirectly due to COVID exposure. This covers most circumstances of exposure. The exclusion from this is when a student's COVID source is confirmed to be due to socially-irresponsible behaviour (eg: obvious large group, mask-down activities). Students who are put under LOA despite following the school's guidance to minimise social interactions and maintain a stable social bubble will generally be considered to have "COVID LOA". 2. Worries of LOA affecting Examinations The school has, and will continue to conduct detailed contact tracing from students to persuade HCIs to allow students to continue postings. If the student has exceeded LOA, the school will appeal for students to go for exams upon reviewing circumstances under which the HRW was issued. If the student passes the postings, the eligibility for examinations should not be affected. The school will review LOA from COVID separately from the remaining normal LOAs. 3. HRW Impact on Postings: Prior to this, the stance was that HRW means postings cannot be done. The school has emailed all HCIs over the weekend appealing to follow the national guidelines and will continue to appeal on behalf of students to allow for postings to continue if the HRW is deemed as low risk. As of right now, stance is dependent on the HCI whether an ART negative is an acceptable indicator to continue postings. 4. Application for LOA If a student has a lot of LOAs, students should still take LOA for the purpose of recording. If a student is unwell, whether with ARI symptoms or other non-COVID related symptoms, students should still take LOA to rest. LOAs are for recording purposes, regardless of reason. All students should still apply for LOA if they feel unwell/have urgent personal matters to attend to. Such LOAs will still be granted to affected students who were put on COVID-LOAs (i.e they exceed >10 days of LOA).
  • [10/21] (Updates) COVID-19: Travel-related QO and LOA concerns
    Status: Closed Last Update: 13 October 2021 Details: 13 October 2021 In the event of QO/LOA due to Students should try to avoid picking a country that results in a 10-day SHN (non-VTL travel). Should the student still wish to do so, the SHN must be served during vacation time and not term time. If the SHN extends into term-time, it counts towards the 10 days of normal LOA and not the COVID special LOA. Should a student be issued a QO, the QO must be served within term-time. Otherwise, it will also count towards the 10 days of normal LOA. This is regardless of whether the student was returning from a VTL country or not. As such, please arrange travel accounting for possible QO or LOA time during the holidays.
  • [10/21] (Updates) PPE for Clinical Year Students
    Status: In Progress Last Update: 13 October 2021 Details: 13 October 2021 Slide-on goggles are purchased by doctors themselves, as they are not expensive.
  • [08/21] (Feedback) Life Outside Medicine Talk
    Status: Approved Last Update: 12 Aug 2021 Details: Would love if there could be some talks on life outside Medicine. Example of topics like taxes, CPF, BTO, etc, especially if it is related to our medical field. Updates: As per previously mentioned that it will take place in AY21/22 because the idea was raised near the examination period. We are happy to annouce that the event will be taking place on 28 Aug 2021, 3–5pm. The event is titled "Crossroads: Prospects and Renumeration After Graduation". Thank you for this idea! :)
  • [07/21] (Updates) Manadarin Conversational Lessons
    Status: Approved Last Update: 13 Jul 2021 Details: Currently, there is Hokkien and Malay lessons, but there are not any Mandarin lessons for non-mandarin speakers. A few LKC students have volunteered to help start up these lessons as they are useful for future use in clinical years. Updates: The discussion with the various stakeholders has completed (discussed since March 2021) and the school will be providing Mandarin lessons to LKC students. On 13 July 2021, there was an email sent to students regarding the sign up! On a side note, Hokkien lessons were approved too :)
  • [01/21] (Updates) M2 iPad Updates
    Status: Rejected Last Update: 27 Jan 2021 Details: M2s were given the iPad Mini 4 which could not support the apple pencil. Therefore, M2s have collated their feedback for the importance of apple pencil in their study and future clinical years to the school in hope of an upgrade to the iPad Mini 5 which the M1s are using. Updates: Unfortunately, the proposal did not go through as the school says that if they gave M2s the upgrade, then the other batches will also ask for it and the school will not have sufficient funds for the upgrade. When asked if this can be done just for students who need an upgrade, they stated that it is then difficult to be equal for all students, as only some students will get money and some students will not. Therefore, it will be difficult to justify to the core committee.
  • [01/21] (Updates) Remaking of Digital Health VOPPT
    Status: Approved Last Update: 27 Jan 2021 Details - The slides for M2’s Digital Health TBL was voiced over by an automated machine AI rather than a human lecturer. Updates - Students felt that it was disengaging and rather weird to hear a monotonous robotic voice. Therefore, students have requested for it to be changed for the subsequent batches’ usage. The school has noted this issue and will feedback to the CEs to change this VOPPT to have a human lecturer to voice over it.
  • [10/20] (Updates) Supplementing Anatomy Teaching with an app for pre-clinical students
    Status: Rejected Last Update: 14 October 2020 Details: Specifically the Anatomy Atlas App subscription to aid students in learning anatomy beyond the usual anatomy classroom and preparatory materials. This app allows the 3D visualisation through iPad and other mobile devices. Therefore, it will be a very versatile and mobile way to learn. Updates: This has been explored, however there were concerns about the user restrictions for this app and cost implication. The school has our own Anatomy TV. This has been renewed as it doesn’t have restrictions on concurrent users. It is a popular database with a rich graphics and models and subscribed by other top University Libraries such as Imperial and Stanford. As many students are unaware of this, the faculty will reiterate how to use Anatomy TV and the various resources available.
  • [03/21] Level 8 Spaces (Table Tennis Tables Arrangement)
    Status: In Progress Last update: 24 Mar 2021 Details: Will it possible to move the table tennis tables back to the side? Currently, the tables are spaced very widely across level 8 even after the social distancing markers, hence making the space not really usable if students do not infringe on the safety distancing markers and when people are playing table tennis. It is not the best utilization of the space especially with the built in speakers and mirrors. Updates: MedSoc has emailed the school with the photo (attached below) to discuss if there is any possible way to rearrange the Table Tennis Tables. The school is now in contact with the Operations Department of NTU for assistance. .
  • [03/21] Music Room Upgrades 🎸🥁
    Status: Accepted Last update: 03 Mar 2021 Details: In AY 19/20, the music room was scheduled for an upgrade with more equipments. However, due to COVID, the upgrades were delayed. This AY 20/21, a new proposal has been submitted for these upgrades to be done. Updates: The upgrades has been approved! Do look forward to the new equipments coming to the Music Room: 1. 88-Key Digital Piano 2. Electric Bass Guitar 3. Audio Interface
  • [02/21] Clarification on wearing of Mask in Gyms
    Status: Approved Last Update: 18 Feb 2021 Details: There were some concerns regarding the need to wear masks in the gym. Students have requested to not wear masks in the gym when they are working out. Updates: There has been an update to the covid-related regulations for the CSB Gym. Do refer to the school-wide email sent out by Sports Comm today for more details. In summary, 1) Mask down whenever necessary (within gym premises) 2) No socialising when mask down 3) 10-pax rule is still kept in place 4) Guards will continue to patrol; the onus is on the student population to be socially responsible. Happy exercising!
  • [12/20] LKCRecords resumption and revamp
    Status: Approved Last update: 03 Dec 2020 Details: To bring back LKCRecords in with new prizes to be given. This year, the Sports Committee plans to give out cash vouchers! Updates: The school has approved of LKCRecords including giving the cash prizes for the different categories.
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