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Student Interest Groups

SIGs are self-initiated and self-run groups consisting of students with a common interest in a particular speciality.


SIGs seek to meet these 2 objectives at 2 different levels:

  • Provide more information about the speciality to the general school population

  • Provide more targeted information and opportunities to members​

Click here for the SIG descriptions for AY2023/2024.


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The LKCMedicine Anaesthesia SIG is a student interest group that aims to serve as an avenue for LKCMedicine students to explore the exciting field of anaesthesiology, critical care medicine and pain medicine. We hope to highlight and promote appreciation for the important and diverse roles that anaesthetists play in the hospital ecosystem.


In bringing together like-minded students who share a strong interest in the specialty, we hope to build up the interest and knowledge in anaesthesia of each individual. We also aim to provide a platform for interaction between students and professionals, allowing members to gain greater insights into anaesthesiology residency and future career paths as a specialist.


Altogether, we seek to serve a meaningful role and contribute to the personal and professional development of the student body - for members and the larger student body.


For more information, please contact us at

Emergency Medicine

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LKCMedicine Emergency Medicine (EMed) SIG serves to bring together students with an interest in EMed. We aim to broaden students' exposure to the residency through a wide variety of student- initiated events, ultimately helping to further students' interest in EMed and understand what a career in EMed entails.


If you share our interest in EMed, do consider joining our SIG! Membership is open to all M1 - M5 students.


For more information, please contact (and check out our SIG-run Instagram page @lkc.emed).

ENT Society

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The ENT Society is a group of like-minded students eager to learn more about Otorhinolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat) and our aim is to provide sufficient exposure to the discipline, so as to allow our members to cultivate their passion for ENT. Additionally, information regarding the ENT residency programmes and career paths/sub-specialties will be made available.


If you are keen to find out more and be part of our growing family, be sure to follow our instagram @lkcentsoc for the latest updates! All our members will be added into our telegram group where you can receive regular updates regarding workshops, quizzes, research opportunities, or residency talks.


You can look forward to events such as:

  • Residency Sharings

  • Instagram/Telegram Cases

  • Research Opportunities

  • Tutorials


Do contact us at whenever you have any questions! We look forward to having you as our newest member! Cheers.

Family Medicine

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The Family Medicine SIG was established to promote greater awareness of family medicine amongst students. We seek to bridge the gap between students and doctors through networking sessions to allow students to better understand the roles and demands of a family physician. To increase interest in the specialty and share useful knowledge and skills applicable to Family Medicine, we regularly post interviews with family physicians and bite-sized snippets of common medical conditions - the majority of these posts are contributed by our members! Valuable research opportunities are also offered to our members to cultivate their interests in the specialty and for members to contribute to the ever-growing field of family medicine research. We hope that through the SIG’s activities you will be able to discover the joys of Family Medicine and realise that this is the specialty for you.

Memberships are open to all students on a yearly basis and members will be able to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Contribute to planning and executing FMSIG events and initiatives

  • Opportunity to network with doctors and your kind seniors

  • Priority in getting research opportunities in FM

  • Members who actively participate and contribute will be highly considered for ExCo positions in the SIG


For more information, please contact Do follow our Instagram for candid and valuable sharings by Family Physicians, as well as small chunks of revision on important FM conditions!

Internal Medicine

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The LKCMedicine IM SIG is a student interest group with the aims of creating a shared platform for like-minded students interested in IM to gain a better understanding of IM as a career and its residency program across all three healthcare clusters through talks, networking sessions with doctors, and keynote speeches on advancements and innovations within the field of internal medicine and its various subspecialties.


Membership is open to all clinical year students. Members will benefit by:

  • Being invited to discussions and talks by doctors/ residents in informal small group settings to provide further guidance and mentoring advice

  • Being informed of available IM electives and facilitate the process of elective matching (still subjected to school approval)

  • Receive updates and invitations to events, activities, and circulars

  • Having access to the guidebook for residency application

  • Having the opportunity to participate in networking events with the IM SIGs from other medical schools


For more information, please contact


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The LKCMedicine MedTech SIG was formed in 2021 to connect like-minded students who wish to explore the vast field of Medical Technology, from gaining a deeper understanding about emerging MedTech, to working on their own personal tech projects.


The SIG thus aims to foster a healthy culture of innovation in our school society by organizing workshops for useful tech skills, and providing a collaborative space for students to share their own ideas for MedTech projects.


Membership is open to all M1 - 5 students, regardless of whether you have prior experience or background in engineering, coding etc. For more information, or if you’d like to propose a project, please contact


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The LKCMedicine OBGYN SIG is a student interest group that was set up with the aim of recruiting students who are interested in OBGYN or are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the specialty. The SIG has plans for residency talks across healthcare clusters, alumni sharing on OBGYN houseofficership, lectures from content experts and weekly clinical case questions for our members!


Membership is open to all LKCMedicine students! Members will be able to get regular updates and invitations to our SIG events. For more information, please contact and follow us at our instagram page, @lkc.obgyn


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The LKCMedicine Ophthalmology Society was formed in 2019 with the aim of connecting students with an interest in ophthalmology. The Society aims to showcase the various aspects of both medical and surgical ophthalmology. We also wish to promote meaningful volunteerism, and provide members with a platform to network with the wider ophthalmology community within Singapore and beyond.

Our initiatives and activities lined up for our members include:

  • Residency and career talks

  • Volunteer opportunities

  • Surgical workshops

  • Research opportunities

  • Opportunities to participate in activities organised by the ophthalmology societies of the other medical schools

Membership is open to all M1 to M5 students. Do follow our Instagram page at @lkc.ophsoc for regular insights into ophthalmology and updates about our upcoming events!

For further information, please contact

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Orthopaedic Surgery

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Orthopaedic Surgery SIG serves as a platform for students to expound on their interest in orthopaedic surgery.  We aim to expose LKC students to Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery beyond what is included in the curriculum and supply LKC students with information regarding a career in Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery as well as residency programmes available.

Initiatives with the objective of developing interest in the skills and practice of Orthopaedic Surgery and Hand Reconstructive Microsurgery, with possible hands-on sessions include:

  • MBBS revision lectures

  • NHG residency talk

  • Suturing workshop

  • Arthroscopy workshop

  • Touch surgery workshop

  • HO/MO teaching sessions


Membership is open to all M1 - M5 students. For more information, please contact


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LKCMedicine’s Paediatrics SIG is a dynamic young student interest group which serves students across all years M1-M5 and welcomes all students to join!


The SIG's expanding range of activities and initiatives include:     


  • Basic Developmental Assessment (DA) Kits for the Year 4 Paediatrics posting

  • M5 Selectives/Electives sharing - hear about our seniors' experiences in the Paediatrics department of various sub-specialties, hospitals and countries!

  • HO/MO sharing - interact with LKC alumni who have done HO postings or MOPEX postings in Paediatrics

  • Residency talks - opportunities to network with paediatric residents and consultants       

  • Research matching       

  • Volunteering opportunities with children-centred organisations


Members receive early updates and invitations to participate in and/or help organise the SIG's latest events, and are given priority when signing up for SIG initiatives (e.g. career talks, research opportunities, volunteering opportunities).       


For more information or any questions, drop us an email at


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The LKCMedicine Pathology SIG is a student interest group to connect like-minded students with an interest in Pathology. On top of hosting talks to grant members better understanding of Pathology as a career and of the different residency programmes, members will also benefit from networking sessions with doctors, and workshops on Pathology.


Joining as a member grants you priority in some of the activities we organise which have limited availability, such as Pathology workshops and research opportunities.


Follow us today on Instagram (@lkc.pathology)! For more information, please contact

Preventive Medicine

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The Public Health and Preventive Medicine SIG was established with the aim of raising awareness about Public Health/Preventive Medicine as a career and bringing together like-minded students who share an interest in this field. All students from M1-M5 are welcomed to join.


What we hope to do together:

  • Learn more about this specialty through residency talks, seminars on public health issues and workshops.

  • Participate in research opportunities in communicable/non-communicable diseases.

  • Collaborate and empower student bodies such as LCIPs and OCIPs to increase the reach of their public health work.


For more information, please contact


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Psychiatry SIG was established with the aim of raising awareness about Psychiatry as a career and bringing together students who share an interest in this field. We welcome membership from students across all five years.

Members will benefit from the following:

  • Residency talks: A platform to find out more about Psychiatry as a career in Singapore and network with residents

  • Subspecialty talks

  • Invitations to external events organized by IMH and Psychiatry interest groups of other medical schools

  • Exclusive access to a Psychiatry elective/selective handbook

  • Research opportunities

  • Volunteer opportunities with Mental Health NGOs

For more information, please contact


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The LKCMedicine RadioSIG serves as a community for students who are interested in radiology and its related fields. We strive to increase our students’ exposure to radiology, both academically through our student-initiated workshops and tutorials, as well as career-wise through the hosting of interactive group sessions between hospital radiologists and our students.


Our expanding range of activities and initiatives include:

  • Residency talks, where students can find out more about the residency programmes offered by the three sponsoring institutions

  • Sharing sessions with LKC alumni with experience in clinical radiology

  • The radiology electives / selectives guidebook, which details our seniors’ experiences in radiology-related elective and selective programmes

  • Student-run tutorials on basic radiology skills (e.g. reading chest radiographs)

  • Research opportunities

  • SIG-run Instagram page, @LKCRadioSIG


Membership is open to all M1 – M5 students.


For further information, please contact

Surgical Society

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The LKCMedicine Surgical Society is a student interest group for all surgical disciplines, founded with the intention to share information about surgical specialties and their residency programmes in Singapore. We have an online resource page to facilitate this information sharing and we send monthly email newsletters to keep our members updated with the latest in surgical news and relevant activities or conferences in Singapore. We also organise workshops for skills such as suturing and surgical instruments, as well as career evenings to network with current surgical residents and learn more about their experiences in residency.


Joining as a member grants you priority in some of the activities we organise which have limited availability, such as suturing workshops.


Membership is open to all; you may sign up at our resource page or drop us an email.


For more information, please contact


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For more information, please contact

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