Academic Committee

The Academic Committee aims to enable and empower learning for every student while nurturing a culture of community and peer-mentorship in our school. Our programs include:

  • Mock OSCEs: A student-led initiative where seniors organise mock OSCEs for their juniors, this programme provides a chance for students to practice their clinical skills, while also giving seniors an opportunity to teach. 

  • Bridging programme: Conducted by the M3 batch, this aids the transition of M2 students into clinical years. We hope to impart valuable knowledge and share seniors’ perspective on what the incoming M3’s can expect for their first clinical year.

  • Teaching: Each batch’s academic committee organises teachings targeted to students’ needs, ranging from lectures, case-based discussions to bedside tutorials.

  • Purple Pages: A registry matching seniors and even alumni doctors with juniors to help encourage the spirit of mentorship which we value in LKCMedicine! 

  • Empowering mentorship: A new initiative aimed at helping our students become more effective tutors. Sessions include a workshop on how to give effective feedback when teaching, and also a workshop on how to be an effective OSCE examiner. 


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Arts & Culture Committee

The A&C Committee hopes to inject more fun into the everyday life of students beyond TBLs and enrich their LKCMedicine journey, by encouraging exploration of the arts and celebration of different cultural festivities. We aim to make celebrations like National Day and Children’s day bigger and better, enhance the Peanut Butter & Jam (PBnJ) experience, expand the diversity and reach of our student-led First Class programmes, and introduce other smaller initiatives to help students better explore arts and culture.


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Careers Committee

The Careers Committee works to promote:

  • Awareness and opportunities with regards to job/training prospects after graduation.

  • Liaison between Student Interest Groups (SIGs) and MedSoc.

  • Liaison between LKCMedicine and external organisations (other schools’ careers committees, other schools’ SIGs, SIs, MOHH, etc.).

  • Accessibility to careers-related information and resources.


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CIP Committee

The CIP Committee is involved in organizing large-scale CIP events, including our annual CIP Fair, and managing all the Local CIPs and Overseas CIPs within LKC.


The 14 LCIPs can be broadly categorized according to the cause they serve or their target beneficiaries, namely: migrant workers, public health, awareness and special needs, and palliative care and geriatric. LCIPs aim to engage students in the mind through the constant evaluation of the projects' relevance to their beneficiaries, in the hands through the zealous work on the ground, as well as in the heart through debrief sessions and feedback collection from beneficiaries and target organisations. This is done through health screenings and befriending sessions with the elderly and migrant workers, outreach campaigns for blood donation and bone marrow transplants, workshops and camps for children, and many more. 


The 10 OCIPs serve communities in a wide range of countries including Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Before the actual trips, most of the work involves active communication with local partner organisations, organising and planning initiatives such as health screenings, health education as well as door-to-door outreach. During the trip, OCIPs work closely with our partner organisation to be able to communicate effectively and allow us to participate and effect change, if only briefly, in a community overseas. After the trip, OCIPs undergo re-evaluation of investments made and progress made in order to continuously improve.


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Dinner & Dance Committee

The D&D Committee is involved in orchestrating the annual LKCMedicine Dinner & Dance, which is an event meant for students and faculty to gather and celebrate the closing of the academic year. We work to make D&D a fun and memorable experience for everyone attending and to create an atmosphere that celebrates the LKC community and the friendships forged within it.


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Freshman Orientation Programme Committee

The FOP Committee is involved in the planning, organization and execution of the introductory programme that welcomes incoming freshmen to the LKC family. We aim to make FOP an exciting experience for the newest members of our school and provide a conducive environment for them to forge new friendships and become inducted into the school culture, while also prioritizing student safety and wellbeing in accordance to the NTU Student Affairs Office’s guidelines throughout the entirely of our programme.


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International Relations Committee

The IR Committee is involved in the management of links with our overseas partners, as well as liaising with local contacts to expand the overseas opportunities that LKCMedicine students have access to. We also serve as the bridge of communication between the faculty and overseas trip participants to facilitate smooth, efficient administrative processes.


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Publicity & Publications Committee

The P&P Committee is the channel through which school life is made known to other students and the public. Aside from covering student-run events within LKCMedicine, we run all official LKCMedSoc social media platforms, including the Facebook and Instagram pages. We aim to bring comprehensive pre-event publicity and post-event coverage so as to showcase the vibrancy of student life at LKCMedicine while also keeping students up-to-date on all the various programmes ongoing in the school. This website is also run by us!


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Research Committee

The Research Committee hopes to inculcate a strong culture of research, scientific inquiry and innovation in LKCMedicine. We hope to link students up with research projects based on their area of interest while also helping to provide more guidance and support to students who may be embarking on their first research experience.

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Sports Committee

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The Sports Committee hopes to promote a healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging students to participate in more sporting activities. Apart from facilitating training sessions for the annual NTU Inter-School Games, we also work with other schools to organize the MedNurse Games, Surf’s Up and other mass sporting events to create a platform for bonding, in an atmosphere of healthy competition and in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

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Welfare Committee


The Welfare Committee looks over the welfare of the students with assistance of the house and year representatives! We aim to encourage peer to peer support through our upcoming mental health awareness programs and welfare distributions to further support you, the students. Furthermore, we also assist in the improvement of facilities, no matter how big or small, around the school with feedback from the students so that you can see the things you want and things implemented for your benefit!

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