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CIP Committee

The CIP Committee is involved in organising large scale CIP events, including our annual CIP fair, and managing all the Local CIPs and Overseas CIPs within LKC

CIP fair

The CIP fair is conducted annually to allow the CIPs, both local and overseas, to showcase themselves students and recruit members


The 14 LCIPs can be broadly categorised according to the cause they serve or their target beneficiaries, namely: migrant workers, public health, awareness and special needs, and palliative care and geriatric. LCIPs aim to engage students in the mind through the constant evaluation of the projects' relevance to their beneficiaries, in the hands through the zealous work on the ground, as well as in the heart through debrief sessions and feedback collection from beneficiaries and target organisations. This is done through health screenings and befriending sessions with the elderly and migrant workers, outreach campaigns for blood donation and bone marrow transplants, workshops and camps for children, and many more.


The 10 OCIPs serve communities in a wide range of countries including Nepal, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and India. Before the actual trips, most of the work involves active communication with local partner organisations, organising and planning initiatives such as health screenings, health education as well as door-to-door outreach. During the trip, OCIPs work closely with our partner organisation to be able to communicate effectively and allow us to participate and effect change in a community overseas. After the trip, OCIPs undergo re-evaluation of investments made and progress made in order to continuously improve

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