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Project Asada

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Project Asada aims to promote healthcare conditions in Lamae, Chumphon (Southern Thailand). We work closely with Baan Eurphon Orphanage, a local non-profit organization that homes children and women in need, as our starting point in reaching out to the community of Lamae. Since embarking on our first trip in July 2019, Project Asada’s efforts have encompassed three main areas: health education, pediatric health screenings for the children of Baan Eurphon, as well as free health screenings for adult villagers in the community.


For the children of Baan Eurphon, we introduced a health booklet system to track their development, and institutionalised a referral system with the local Lamae Hospital to bridge them to the local health system. As we continue to work on educating and screening the children to improve their health standards and health literacy, we also hope to impart a sustainable change on health literacy and health seeking behaviours in the Lamae community on a larger scale through our health screenings. We emphasize on building up and upon local healthcare resources through close collaboration with Lamae Hospital and its healthcare providers, hoping to achieve a sustained impact on the community.


It is our hope that our efforts will improve the robustness and outreach of the local healthcare system, bridging the gap with our beneficiaries. We endeavour to fulfil our vision of creating a sustainable health service model that can be adopted by the local community. On behalf of the people of Lamae, we would appreciate it greatly should you wish to make contributions to our project in any way.

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Our Partners

Baan Eurphon Orphanage

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