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In December 2019, Project Aasha visited Biratnagar, Morang, Jhapu and Kathmandu in Nepal. The team led by Dr Rupesh Agrawal, Dr Gayathri Devi D/O Nadarajan and Dr Kumaran Rasappan, comprised of Mr Hakim Lim, a Physiotherapist at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, 5 Physiotherapy students from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and 15 Medical students from Lee Kong Chian (LKC) School of Medicine.

Birat Eye Hospital (BEH)

  • A team of doctors from Singapore was led by Dr Rupesh Agrawal and consisted of Dr Nathan Xu, Dr Sandy Zhou, Dr Gloria Song and Dr Song Wenjun. Alongside the doctors from Singapore were surgeons from Birat Eye Hospital (BEH) , led by Dr Anadi. Together, they successfully completed a total of 506 cataract surgeries over the course of four days, surpassing last year’s record of 200 surgeries.

  • Our medical students got to understand the whole flow of the hospital processes and were even able to observe the cataract surgeries up close.

  • Our physiotherapy students conducted physiotherapy assessments for patients in the waiting areas, identify common musculoskeletal complaints and taught simple exercises to alleviate their pain.

Shree Purwanchal Vidhyalaya Gyanchakshu School of the Visually Impaired

  • Project Aasha conducted First Aid and Physiotherapy teaching sessions for 60 visually impaired students over 2 days. This programme aimed to address the high incidence of injuries and musculoskeletal problems faced by the students due to their visual impairments, as well as teaching them lifelong skills.

  • The focus of the First Aid programme was to equip the students with manageable, basic first aid skills for them to perform on themselves and their peers in times of need. The programme consisted of both theoretical and practical aspects.

  • The main objectives of the Physiotherapy teaching session were to educate the students on long-term management of secondary visual impairment, as well as to promote physical activity through modified versions of popular sports and games, making it safer for their participation.


Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN)

Project Aasha visited Blind Youth Association Nepal (BYAN), a rights-based organisation that aims to advocate for the rights of visually-impaired persons in Nepal. Since 2015, they have been working on various projects in 9 district chapters, across the 7 different provinces throughout Nepal. Out of the 89 integrated schools in Nepal, BYAN’s efforts has reached 18-20 of them, 10 of them are earthquake-affected.  Through the conversations with 11 youths with visual impairments and the BYAN staff, we managed to glean some important insights into the achievements and challenges experienced by BYAN as well as to establish partnership for future collaborations.

Our Partners

Birat Eye Hospital

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