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NHG-LKC CommHealth

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NHG-LKC CommHealth assists the National Healthcare Group (NHG) in conducting community healthcare outreach programmes. Our goal is to reach out to the community to encourage healthy living and to provide valuable volunteering opportunities for our volunteers to serve the community and to prepare them to become better clinicians in the future.


Our hallmark programme would be the Hokkien lessons, which would equip our volunteers with conversational Hokkien skills. With an aging population, being able to communicate with the elderly through their native dialect is an increasingly important skill for clinicians to have. 


For previous years, our volunteers will have an opportunity to help out with Community Health Screenings, where currently healthy residents are assessed for risk factors for chronic diseases, such as hypertension or diabetes. In addition, we are involved in Community Health Posts, where our volunteers will play a role in counselling and reaching out to residents to provide advice on healthy lifestyle habits and chronic disease prevention. Finally, we also contribute to the health education of residents by helping with diabetes prevention and weight-loss workshops, where residents, and even volunteers, can learn useful tips on staying healthy. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we are unable to conduct community health screenings as yet, but we are certainly looking forward to resuming them as soon as we can.


This year, we have embarked on a new initiative: Paranursing. With the surges in COVID-19 cases, there has been a strain on the healthcare system and nursing workforce. Through paranursing, our volunteers step up to aid nurses in less-specialised but essential daily tasks such as feeding and engaging patients, to allow nurses to concentrate on clinical care for patients. While we hope to relieve some of the burden nurses face during these trying times, we also hope that our volunteers develop empathy for patients and to expose them to the real healthcare setting by being directly involved in bedside care and bedside patient engagement.


We are also in the midst of planning for an elderly befriending programme with Care Corner, where we hope to be able to engage elderlies in the Toa Payoh area, to empower them to take care of their health and also to organise activities for them.

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