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LKC Community Health Project

We are a group of students who are working on a project to deliver personalised healthcare to residents in Jurong. Though this project is still in development, we aim to touch the lives of families who have not been receiving adequate medical attention by visiting them and serving their needs as best as we can. We hope to do this by sending pairs of LKCMedicine students (one pre-clinical and one clinical student), along with members of the Fullerton healthcare team, to households identified by Jurong GRC. During these home visits, students will be able to build rapport with residents and gather some basic information on their health statuses. We are also exploring the possibility of delivering basic screening modalities or care to residents during the visits. Between visits, students will be able to discuss the residents they have seen with doctors from Fullerton, OSCE-style. Through this endeavour, and through linking this initiative up with other projects by various stakeholders, we hope to augment a comprehensive community-based healthcare programme in Jurong.



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