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About Our Medical Society

The LKCMedicine Students' Medical Society, or LKCMedSoc for short, is a student club formed by all undergraduate students currently studying at LKCMedicine. Formally, we are an academic constituent club, falling under the larger umbrella of the Nanyang Technological University Student Union or NTUSU.
LKCMedSoc was first initiated in 2013 by our pioneer batch of students. Now in its eight iteration, we have grown to 671 members encompassing all five batches, both pre-clinical and clinical. Despite this, LKCMedSoc's raison d'être has always remained the same:

  • to enhance the university experience for all undergraduate students

  • to represent the interests and needs of students to both the School, including faculty, and the University

  • to promote a strong academic and education focus for LKCMedicine students to aspire towards

  • promote cultural, social, sporting, professional and welfare interests of students to encourage and inspire students to seek their interests outside the curriculum, including the spearheading of ideas that

  • and students belonging to other faculties and clubs within NTU to foster closer ties and relationships between faculty and students of LKCMedicine, as well as between students of LKCMedicine

In order to fulfil and sustain these goals, student leadership is crucial. LKCMedSoc is led by a group of elected student leaders, which include the Executive Committee or ExCo, Committee Heads, House Representatives and Year Representatives. The House Reps and Year Reps are elected by their houses and batches respectively, playing the significant and often understated role of representing the views and ideas of their house or batch. The Committee Heads lead student-formed Committees, whose efforts are directed towards promoting and enhancing specific areas of student life - from welfare to academics, to event-specific committees such as the Freshmen Orientation Committee. Last but not least, the ExCo is a seven-membered team whose aim is to set the overall direction of the academic year and leads the overall effort. More information about the organisational structure of MedSoc and these roles and responsibilities can be found below; information on the various Committees can be found in the tabs above. In all, these people work hard, mostly behind the scenes, to enhance and improve the journey every student in LKCMedicine takes--from orientation to graduation - and build a strong LKCMedicine family that we all can be proud of even after we graduate. 

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