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Project Songkeum

Since 2015, in collaboration with our Cambodian partner, Build Your Future Today, we have travelled to 4 villages at the outskirts of the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia to teach the school children and village adults health knowledge and to administer some simple medical services.


Over the years, we have taught the know-how of hand hygiene, dental health, water sanitation, prevention of endemic diseases, basic first-aid and family planning - and we continue to involve our lesson plans according to the evolving healthcare needs of the local population. We hope to continue working with these villages to further deepen our relationships and serve the local community.


For our trip in June 2023, we hope to conduct basic health screening for the children and adults. We will also be conducting our health education sessions concurrently so that the locals would gain knowledge about how to better take care of themselves. For the children, this will largely consist of good hygiene practices, as well as menstrual hygiene for girls, whereas for the adults, the content will be more focused on family planning and nutrition. Everyone will also receive a health booklet in Khmer which they can refer to in the future. Additionally, we will also be carrying out vocational training for the adults to impart useful skills such as photo editing and videography. We will end off the trip by visiting a Health Centre to learn more about the healthcare system in rural Cambodia.


If you would like to support us, you can do by making a donation that would go into the provision of first aid kit items, antifungals or paracetamol that we provide on a needs basis to the locals.


We can be reached at

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