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Project Light

Migrant workers form a community very much in need locally in terms of healthcare and education. However, prominent projects that reach out to this target group such as HEALTHSERVE and CCC are already adequately staffed, or even saturated. As such, Project Light is a branch-off from HEALTHSERVE which essentially provides a series of health education programmes for migrant beneficiaries.


What do we do? Working alongside healthcare professionals from SGH who serve as the “content experts” and moderators for the education programmes, we provide hands-on facilitation and train migrant workers to take better ownership of their own health, just as how we personally take charge of planning these lessons for them.

Our project currently consists of a small group of volunteers, so do feel free to join us as we will have opportunities for both those who seek to take up major roles in shaping this project and those who just want an avenue to shape the lives of our migrant brothers on an ad-hoc, voluntary basis.


For more information, please contact Oh Sheow Boon at

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