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Project Chhnang (Formerly Project Kyannmar)

Our project is named after the community we are serving, which is Kampong Chhnang, a village of more than half a million! Our project is focused on skills transfer with the local health body and health education.


Previously, as Project Kyannmar, we worked with YMCA to serve two villages in Maubin, Myanmar. The 2 main initiatives include health education and door-to-door visits. The objectives included health screenings and teaching villagers about cardiovascular and renal physiology and the pathophysiology of common chronic diseases such as hypertension.


With new beginnings as Project Chhnang, we will be conducting our very first recce trip to Kampong Chhnang in June. We aim to establish stronger rapport with the local health body and community, with hope that it paves the way for other impactful avenues to contribute to their healthcare situation on future trips. Our goal is to educate the villagers on basic normal gastrointestinal physiology, the pathophysiology of diseases such as diarrhoea, the risk factors and management of these conditions.

Our Partners

Water and Healthcare Foundation

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