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Project Kyannmar

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Kyannmar - it means health in Burmese. We are a group of students seeking to make a difference in the lives of rural communities in Myanmar, namely 2 villages in Maubin – Htike Kone and Por Ya Way village. We focus on health education, especially in the area of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension as well as emergency medical conditions such as stroke and heart attack. We currently work in partnership with YMCA.

OCIP Kyannmar works through 3 main pillars – door to door surveys, basic health screenings, as well as health education. We provide a basic health screening for the villagers such as taking their blood pressure, to allow us to have a better gauge of the health situation in the villages as well as for them to be better aware of their own health situation. Through the door to door surveys, we are also able to gain a better understanding of the needs of the villagers, as well track the progress and effects of our health education presentations and material on the villagers. Through our annual trips, we hope to be continue to be able to equip and empower the Burmese villagers in these rural communities through giving them a heightened appreciation and understanding of the health issues they face, and thus increase their compliance to lifestyle changes regarding these conditions, improving the health situation there. 


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