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Project Isip

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Project Isip is a collaborative service-learning project between LKCMedicine, TTSH PPEO and University of St La Salle (USLS) in Bacolod City, that mainly aims to help the rural villages of Bacolod. With an emphasis on applying our skills and knowledge to the context of the community and the households we serve, Project Isip covers a wide range of activities: from conducting health screening at the village to health education and health promotion. We aim to promote health awareness and health-seeking behaviours through relationship building and appreciation of the unique circumstances of the community, and ultimately, self-sufficiency by equipping local leaders with health screening skills.


This OCIP allows close interaction with the students from College of Nursing in St La Salle University. During the last trip, the 2-day interaction with the nursing students allowed us to experience life as nurses. Together with the nursing students, we visited assigned households during the community attachment at Hda. Carmen, and worked collaboratively to come up with an initial idea of the household’s health seeking behaviours. We also had a chance to work with the medicine students from USLS while they were attached at a rural health centre. Together, we managed to conduct a basic health screening for the villagers who were there to see the doctor. Through working with the students and the communities, we learn to appreciate the cultural nuances and habits of the villagers, while trying to integrate healthy practices into their lives.

Our Partners

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University of St La Selle


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