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Project Daya

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“Translating hope, empowering generations” – Project Daya was established in 2014 with the aim of sustainably increasing awareness of relevant health issues and empowering villagers in Batam, Indonesia. To ensure continuity and consistency in the work we do, we visit the same village every 3 months. Together with our Indonesian NGO, Peduli Bangsa, we are currently serving Kampung Air, a rural-to-urban transitional village. Our main approach to delivering health information is via door-to-door outreach. We focus mainly on chronic illnesses and smoking due to their high prevalence within the village. During outreach, we do our best to address the villagers’ concerns and follow up on any personal health issues surfaced from our previous trips. In order to assess the effectiveness of our teaching, we reassess the villagers who have been visited previously. The time that the villagers have offered us and their willingness to share their personal concerns with us have constantly touched our hearts and inspire us to do more.

Over the next year, we will be focusing more on re-visiting villagers whom we have met previously to see if there are any changes in their lifestyles and to strengthen our rapport with them. Through which, we also hope to identify villagers passionate about health and train them to be health champions who can advocate and promote health within their village in our absence.

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