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Mount Alvernia Hospital Outreach

LKC Medicine students work with Mt Alvernia Hospital in their outreach programme which helps the less fortunate in 3 main areas – early detection of diseases through heath screening, flu vaccination to improve immune response to act as a preventive measure against infections, and provide heavily subsidised primary healthcare services to reconnect them back to the healthcare system in Singapore.


Volunteers are expected to communicate through many language barriers every trip. Our less fortunate communities include residents staying in rental flats, migrant workers who are unable to have affordable healthcare and the elderly. Volunteers will also be required to use clinical skills learned in school to assist the doctor by measuring blood pressure, temperature, blood glucose.


In the past year, we have worked with various communities and worked in several adhoc outreach programmes Mt Alvernia Hospital has organised. In the upcoming year, we will be focusing on providing more help for the migrant worker community in Singapore.

For more information, please contact Daryl Tan at

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