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MediSign is a new LCIP that works closely with Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf) to increase basic medical awareness and emergency preparedness in people with hearing disabilities. Unfortunately, due to language barriers and poor understanding of the needs of the Deaf Community, members of the Deaf Community often have poor accessibility to healthcare, and MediSign aims to tackle this through various initiatives. 


Volunteers will first have the opportunity to undergo a certified Basic Medical Signs Course conducted by SADeaf, where they will learn Singapore Sign Language (SgSL) in a clinical context. There will be fun and exciting role plays and scenarios, such as taking history and counselling a patient in sign language!


Following the course, volunteers will then serve as facilitators for healthcare workshops organised by MediSign. These workshops are led by medical professionals, with SADeaf providing an interpreter for the event. Volunteers will bridge the gap between the Deaf participants and speaker, such as through facilitating small group discussions and hands-on activities.


Through this LCIP, you can not only look forward to learning and applying sign language, but also support this very special community.

For more information, please contact Ryan Chan at!

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