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Careers Committee Resources

Resources to help you navigate the waters of the different medical and surgical specialties.

  1. The Ultimate Guide To Choosing A Medical Specialty by Brian Freeman (Excellent Book) Full Book (3rd Edition, Published 2012) For Full Book (4th Edition, Published 2018): Contact

  2. The Undifferentiated Medical Student (Podcast and Website with Podcast Transcript) 

  3. Reddit’s r/medicalschool's "Why you should go into [          ] specialty" Series

  4. MOH Specialists Accreditation Board's List of Recognised Specialties

  5. AMA Specialty Profiles (Interview with various specialists) 

  6. Stanford's Roadmap to Choosing A Medical Specialty

  7. Fun Quiz on Choosing Medical Specialty

😍 SMA Monthly Magazine (Spotlight on specific specialties which differs depending on the issue) 

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